Claudia became an immigrant on paper in 2001, but she first identified as immigrant during college. No where is the barrier to higher education clearer than at the intersection of a student’s legal status and college tuition. Claudia has been using poetry as an act of resistance and protest since discovering this intersection. She is an independent immigration advocate working for the TPS (Temporary Protected Status) and Dreamer community.

Claudia’s Timeline:


At age 6, Claudia is a Temporary Protection Status (TPS) holder, temporarily in the U.S.


Claudia is still a TPS holder. At age 17, she enters Bard College at Simon’s Rock for the academic challenge.


Turns out, Claudia’s small, early college has never dealt with a student who has TPS, and perhaps, not many first-generation students. Claudia, lacking support from the college, can’t afford to continue there. She enrolls in community college.


Claudia appeals out-of-state classification and transfers to George Mason University as a part-time student. She offers her storytelling and poetry to Mason DREAMERS, an advocacy group for immigrants.


Claudia completes her Bachelor’s in English with a concentration in creative writing and graduates a proud George Mason University alumna.


The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) announces six countries are set to lose their TPS designation. El Salvador is one of those countries.

TODAY: How long until the terminations take effect?

1. Sudan’s TPS ends Jan. 2, 2020
2. Nicaragua’s TPS ends Jan. 2, 2020
3. Nepal’s TPS ends Jan. 2, 2020
4. Haiti’s TPS ends Jan. 2, 2020
5. El Salvador’s TPS ends Jan. 2, 2020
6. Honduras’ TPS ends Jan. 5, 2020.

A recent court injunction has allowed an extension for all designated countries, which were set to lose their protections throughout 2019.

Without TPS, community members lose the right to work, access to higher education, health care, and will fall into an undocumented status. For El Salvadoran nationals, this news comes after 18 years with TPS and without a pathway to permanent residency.

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