Immigrant Community Action Guide

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The work to protect immigrant lives has already started. That work has been waiting for you to play your part. Work hard for a fair society where citizenship is not a barrier to someone’s humanity.


“We are all actors: being a citizen is not living in society, it is changing it.” ―AUGUSTO BOAL

  • Connect to an organization
    • Nonprofits juggle crises day-to-day and depend on regular allies, digital influencers and the everyday citizen. 
    • Sign-up for a newsletter; follow orgs on social media
  • Donate and fundraise 
    • Nonprofits have tight program budgets and often run on old computer equipment and lack office resources. 
  • Volunteer your time
    • Nonprofits are understaffed. They are often powered by VOLUNTEERS. Fill out a volunteer form or send an inquiry about volunteer opportunities.
  • Call & write letters to government officials 
    • Hold state and federal representatives accountable.
    • Join or start a call or/and letter-writing party. 


Angry Tias & Abuelas of Rio Grande Valley – advocates for dignity and justice for individuals released by Border Patrol or from ICE detention and delivered to bus depots or shelters from Brownsville to McAllen, TX.

CARECEN-DC – ensures the immigrant community has access to critical legal, housing services, and citizenship classes in Washington, DC (Columbia Heights).

Families Belong Together – helps reunify refugee families, provide legal services, supply necessities for people awaiting asylum at the border, and demand accountability from policy makers. Based in Washington, DC.

Liberty’s Promise – supports low-income, immigrant youth, ages 15-21, through after-school civic engagement programs and internship-placement programs. Based in Washington, DC and northern Virginia

NAKASEC – projects a progressive voice for Korean Americans and Asian Americans on important issues of the day, from immigration reform and quality health care to economic security and civil rights. Office in Annandale, VA.

National TPS Alliance – organizes local committees to ensure that Temporary Protected Status (TPS) holders have the resources needed to continue their campaign for permanent legal residency throughout the country. Local Committee: Silver Spring, MD.

United We Dream – support the actions led by undocumented immigrant youth; fight against the anti-immigrant, anti-woman, anti-Muslim, and racist agenda of the Administration based in Washington, DC.

“We must take sides… Silence encourages the tormentor, never the tormented.”




Share any other resources or nonprofits doing the work in the comments.

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