Teaching Artist Statement

The poem outlives the poet. In my workshops, I emphasize the creation of art: its inspiration, its drafting, and its polishing. My goal is for participants to recognize they are already using language in creative ways.

As a poet who writes in narrative, I encourage participants to use the substance of their life as material for poetry. I love both the stage and the page, which means that during workshops I incorporate spoken word, videos, and text to show poetry’s scope and possibility. Notions of what poetry should be are irrelevant to my mission; instead, participants walk away with a wider definition of what poetry can be.

Workshop History

As a Split This Rock teaching artist, Claudia led a workshop for the HyperBole 2018 and leads workshops throughout the year. Youth in these workshops are ages 12 and up.

  • Poetry Instructor at LAYC’s 2nd Nature program, middle school and high school. Group size: 6. Summer 2018.
  • “An Introduction to Poetry” at Casa Chirilagua for middle school students.  Topics covered: form, social justice, language. Group size: 7-9. June 2018.
  • Five workshops for Community Builders program at George Washington Middle School.  Topics covered: spoken word, public speaking, figurative language. Group size: 18-20. Spring 2018.
  • “The Poem and the Immigrant Poet” at the HyperBole for high school and college age students. Topics covered: DACA, TPS, language. Group size: 15-18. February 2018.