Update: step 91

For an update on Temporary Protected Status (TPS), visit this January 2019 collection of news clips.

I write this on the east coast’s first snowy day of the year!

My 2018 closed with an internship with a political organization, the Millennial Action Project (MAP). During my time at MAP I helped develop social media plans and on my last day, I did an “Instagram takeover.” I feel very excited about the potential of social media; it’s playing such a noticeable role in politics!

What else did you probably miss in late 2018?

  • In September 2018, I curated Argot’s first Hispanic Heritage Month feature. Check out one of the features here or here, and check out my poem for the feature, too!
  • Also in September, I was a featured poet for Brooklyn Poets’ Poet of the Week.
  • In October 2018, I led a workshop for GALA Theatre’s Paso Nuevo youth program and led workshops for DC SCORES’ poetry slam season.
  • In November 2018, I fundraised for Split This Rock’s Giving Tuesday poetry marathon.
  • Did you know I wrote regular content for a college blog? Read my latest blog post at CollegeMouse.

What’s already in motion for 2019?

My resolutions: I have the continued goal of surviving and creating solutions for the limits placed around me as an immigrant under uncertain conditions.

My habits: I’ve lost practice and discipline in reading and writing but that’s changing this year, ideally through my applications to graduate school. Hold me accountable, recommend some reading today!

My collaborative study course: Right now, it’s only limited to a few friends who are indulging me, but I ran a two week generative course for artists/poets to respond to one another’s art in their own medium. I’m extending this ekphrastic experiment into the spring, but if you are interested in participating in future rounds, send me a note.

My new part-time capacity: Youth Programs Fellow at Split This Rock. I’ll be supporting youth programming, events, and… social media! My tenure began early January and things are moving fast already. Follow Split This Rock and the DC Youth Slam Team (DCYST) on social media to digitally live this journey with me:

And of course, follow along with me on Instagram and Twitter! To 2019 and beyond.

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