1,000 miles: step 70


We dipped into penguin-friendly weather this week. On Monday, my advanced composition class sat attentive to class, and I glanced over to the soft snow outside the window. A classmate later makes an announcement, “classes at and after 4:30 are cancelled.” At which point, I get a high five from my classwork partner, and one more high five from my desk buddy as we all leave class, not wasting precious time.

Snow and days off complement.

As a result, I was able to gain much needed “extra” time. I caught up on work and sleep. Earlier this afternoon, I even ventured to cook fish. Since mid-January, I’ve restricted myself to seafood (though I’ve broken the rules twice).

Though cooking fish is supposed to be ever so easy, I failed miserably with my first try: too much condiment: pepper, pepper, pepper, and cooking without oil wasn’t working for me. Mom makes it work somehow. My second try involved oil, and was better, and the fish… tasted, until I dropped it on the floor. I felt intensely hopeless. My third try was just OK, and I decided that was the end of that.

I’m much more successful at noticing pretty skies and reading stories. I have much to learn about the practical world.

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