1,000 miles: step 69

So I’m here again.

Staring at a blank screen.

I’ve been meaning to get here for over weeks.

month of October           photo 4photo 3

For three months, I’ve been preoccupied with school and work (but mostly work). I spent the summer building up anxiety about this semester. And it wasn’t bad. I got out fairly decent. Reunited with old friends. “Swam” at the school pool. Attended several talks and a drama production. Listened to a professor play and sing. Read a plethora of literature genres.

George Mason University is definitely a vivacious experience, though I have missed out on plenty as an off-campus and restrictive talker, which is not to say I have an excuse. Let’s not talk about how I didn’t make any new friends at school. Let’s talk about how my team at work is friendly.

I have two teams, both friendly. At the middle school, where I spend more time, everyone was new to the site. I was the only “senior” tutor this year, and I had only been a tutor 3 months before that. With winter break around the corner, it’s almost as if they are the seniors now. There is teamwork. There is comfort in the room.

I told my coworkers today that over the weekend I almost lost my voice. And the tease of the team, of course, responds with “how is that possible?” I barely talk.

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