1,000 miles: step 67- the tuition monster

Some of us believe in monsters, hiding under beds. Quite harmless manifestations of childhood fears.

I know a more hated, detrimental monster. The Tuition Monster was born of grown up children’s financial nightmares. Escaping this monster isn’t easy; it comes with the price of education. I know not all people are living under this monster’s shadows. But some of us are still running.

This upcoming school semester, I have gotten far away from the tuition monster. Though not far enough. The monster lures in blatant obstacles. Bills pop up. The car needs fixing. Visit to the dentist. Visit to the dentist. The car needs gas. The car needs gas. Bus rides. Household supplies. The car needs gas. The car needs gas.

I find myself in routine. Driving mom to work. Driving myself to work. There are days when I’ve automatically made and exit, and panic for a few seconds, because I wasn’t really there for that turn. I wasn’t really there. Sometimes, I’m not really here.

Like grief, the tuition monster moves in with your thoughts and doesn’t pay rent.

In fact, the monster has the nerve to demand rent from me. But I’m tired of our arguments.  

Yes, I’m going out without you… no, I haven’t found another monster.

Yes, you’re moving out soon. No, I don’t want you back.

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