1,000 miles: step 65

2014-05-15 12.25.43

This week, the students at the middle school I’m working at have been creating timelines of their short, action-packed lives. I’m not around at the school enough to see all these creative exercises, but I had the chance to help two girls who hadn’t started their timeline. I tried verbally explaining, and that was enough for one of the girls. The other girl remained puzzled, and then I found myself showing her an example by telling her about my milestones as I simultaneously drew the ups and downs of my life.

Then it clicked for her.

My life has been more internal than external. I’ve picked up hobbies along that way that reflect that: arts & crafts and writing. Not until the past 5 years, have I received true exposure to the world outside of me. My job and school experience have pushed me to get out of my comfort zone.

I have mixed feeling about people. There’s all shades of ugly… and all shades of beautiful, which is what I’m most looking forward to as the year progresses.

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