1,000 miles: step 64

I’ve waited my whole life for this Sunday.

Just kidding! I’ve waited all week for Sunday to come around. I’ve been places this week, and that’s exhausting. I even celebrated Earth Day without knowing it–simply by not being at home. I rode buses and I walked miles. I drove cars, too.

I helped supervise young teens, and visited the Virginia State Capital in Richmond. We visited Virginia Commonwealth University, and I stopped to say hello to an old friend, then we moved on to University of Mary Washington. And how did that day close? With historically located ice cream.

Though I did many things this week, including making strangers laugh at a job interview,  it comes as a shock that my energy level aren’t depleted.

2014-04-23 10.27.522014-04-23 10.16.36 2014-04-23 09.53.10

2014-04-25 13.05.402014-04-25 13.12.222014-04-25 15.23.102014-04-23 10.27.10

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