1,000 miles: step 62

2014-04-01 16.04.28At last, flowers are blossoming and rays of sunshine are beginning to peek through clouds. Little boys and girls are playing. Easter is finding itself on the shelves of stores.

2014-04-01 16.46.50
Chicks sitting on store shelves. It’s the season.

I’ve been working with middle school kids for the past 2 weeks. Though I don’t see them every day, their influence has been great on me. I lose things more often these days, including my mind. Though I suppose I’ve never been that sane.

There are good days. There are bad days. The thing with being around youth is that they’re still growing and fitting into themselves. There is attitude. There is lipstick. There is a new look. There is also so much intelligence, and such a need to channel curiosity in the right direction.

I believe kids in this generation, more than any ever, want to be adults without the responsibility. I’m not just talking driving and taking care of cars. I mean, the responsibility of time–naps and chilling have consequences. There are things that need getting done and stop running without adults.
Days take on new meanings.

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