1,000 miles: step 61|Patience

2014-03-14 09.39.20

“Isn’t a pair a fruit?” I ask my friend, as we look at yet another beautiful display at the campus library, showcasing vegetables.

“Isn’t it also a vegetable?” she responds. I then realize it’s too early in the morning to discuss food groups.

I like working in a small group, and am often eager to help out a friend who is stumped on an assignment. The more brains, the better. I will soon get to see group thinking in a larger, seminar setting. I’m excited to say, I got myself a day-time job! Though it’s temporary, the hours are great and it’s a growing opportunity.

I’m actually still trying to get past the reality that I’ve been chosen. After so many interviews, for that interview, I managed to give the impression of a nervous wreck. Thankfully, time clearly showed I was an organized and intelligent nervous wreck. 🙂

I wish intelligence spread to other areas of my life, because common sense varies with the individual.

  • I’m a terrible cook– dear God, it’s a sin to call me a cook in any sense.
  • I’m a terrible housekeeper–I’ll neglect to move the laundry from the washer/dryer.
  • There are days when I’m a terrible driver–get off the road, lady type.

Having these things in mind, how I can become such a mess, I have come to learn patience with myself and other people.

Let’s not forget, good things come to those who are patient… very patient.

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