1,000 miles: step 60

2014-03-02 15.43.15

I actually came across this whiteboard message a week ago, on my way to one of my tutoring sessions. Although today is a slow Friday, it’s a welcome from the days that have filled up this week.

Next week, I have yet another job interview, which adds up the grand total to half a dozen so far. I’m grateful for the interviews, but silent rejection is not cool, man. At least for one of my interviews, I’ve been told, I’ll get called regardless of my being hired. Yet, I can’t say I’m utterly unemployed.

My tutoring hours have built up recently. I’m learning a great deal about what I do love: teaching, even when the student is sometimes a kid complaining about the boringness of the English subject… breaks my heart every time.

I must be honest, I would feel much better reporting to my amazing and “massive” blog audience, prettier things like poetry and books. Though, I’ve opened several books, I’m leaving just as many unfinished. I suppose, being a student is my favorite, most inspiring occupation. I look forward to the fall most anxiously.

In the meantime, Claudia really must read and write, if only madly.

I leave with a display at NOVA’s Alexandria library. Spring is in the air:

2014-03-07 09.00.15

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