1,000 miles: step 54

As a fall 2013 graduate of Northern Virginia Community College, it has been my task for over a month now to find myself a job. Job seeking with an Associate’s Degree and little experience in the field of teaching is problematic.

As consolation, I remind myself that a number of people have gone through unemployment and survived. It takes a lot of grit to overcome. (Scholarship seeking is a similar story.) Also, this is great preparation for when I walk out with a Bachelor’s Degree and jobs don’t land at my feet. Because that Bachelor’s Degree is totally happening, even if it takes longer than my impatient self would like.

For now, I’m grateful that after a dozen of sent applications and reading through a ton of job postings, I got 2 interviews. One job offer. Some tutoring on the side. And of course, a lot of unpaid volunteer work on my part.

It’s a beginning.

Recent sights:

2014-01-14 20.20.18

An open book showing the Jefferson Memorial during cherry blossom season located at the Thomas Jefferson Public Library in Arlington, VA. Oh, so clever.

The winter storm weather of today, Janus, brought in a lot of crows (which are good luck depending on who you ask).

2014-01-21 17.00.00

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