1,000 miles: step 51

Things I’ve done so far in this brand new year:

  • visited the national zoo, 2014-01-02 14.06.452014-01-02 13.09.49   2014-01-02 12.04.37
  • started volunteering again at my local library,
  • read Henrik Ibsen’s A Doll’s House,
  • used a fax machine, a digital one,
  • saw a squirrel fly jump 1-2 feet high in the air,
  • saw a baby fox stray cat,
  • worked on a few job applications and surveys,
  • sent out e-mail (several of those) and mail requests,

and I have yet to submit a college application. That’s happening though. No matter how many people I have to contact for one little form. It’s about reaching the right people sometimes.

Here’s me looking at some fuzzy animal. I’m the one wearing a skirt in the winter.

Credit to my zoo buddy for taking this behind my back…  much like a certain roommate I used to have (and adore, of course).

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