1,000 miles: step 50

2013-12-28 13.21.42

A little over a year ago, I resolved to wake up earlier in the mornings. I wasn’t too successful. Though I’ve certainty made progress, particularly in the latter half of 2013 (thanks to a job over the summer and many calculus study sessions).

And though time is far too precious, I find that making use of it when you’re on a holiday break gets tough. Come next year, the goal is to get my transfer applications done. A job and scholarship in the bag would be great, too.

This past semester, a small scholarship from the Fairfax Library Foundation helped cover for a good portion of tuition.  The morning I got the news was one of those “I can’t believe I’m awake” moments– in every meaning of the word awake. Paying for college as an immigrant student is a feat, so the smallest help is a great relief.

Come next year, I’m also resolved to put my immigration status in the background. I’ve found that the constant reminder is a sort of an unnecessary pressure on the limits of my imagination. I remember being in high school and paper documentation being the last thing on my mind.

No paper should ever validate a person’s dreams.

cheers for tomorrow

2013-12-28 15.24.17
Robert Rosselle’s ceramic sculpture at the Torpedo Factory
Alexandria, VA

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