1,000 miles: step 47

West and East Beverley St is in a cozy corner of Staunton, Virginia. Some 2.5 hours away from Alexandria. The visit’s purpose: to witness the Blackfriar Theater and watch Romeo and Juliet as English play-goers would see the drama-tragedy in the good ol’ days: with the lights on.

16th century London. No camera or filming of the lovely performances. Few props but many lines. Musical entrance and intermission. Pretty magical.

But what was before the unexpected awesomeness of the theater? My walking up and down, left and right around Staunton with girl companions… but I’ll leave the shoes, bags, and dresses craziness out.

2013-10-19 16.41.022013-10-19 13.01.27

2013-10-19 11.48.182013-10-19 11.17.40

^children’s shop closer to home (2012)2013-10-19 11.04.39

^at the first open shop of the day

2013-10-19 11.02.352013-10-19 11.07.12

2013-10-19 13.17.05<recycled auto parts    2013-10-19 13.31.30

a pair of glasses at a shop in Staunton> 2013-10-19 11.33.28                                      2013-10-21 13.12.42 <a pair in my closet at home

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