1,000 miles: step 35

Dear reader, today I walked outside, facing a wind of some 17 miles per hour–it was probably much higher, that or I’m too much of a feather. It was then I realized I picked a wrong day to wear my hair loose. And so, I propose someone invent windshield glasses for those breezy days when your long hair is a safety hazard.

You may ask, was the risk of hitting a tree worth it? Yes! I got a lovely comment from a receptionist lady once I got inside safe ground. Did you know, Claudia has a calm spirit about her? On a such a windy day, too. But it doesn’t end there, reader.

This week, I started tutoring a 5th grader in English and math. I’m hoping to get her to find grammar useful, tolerable, at least. I might teach her some poetry along the way. I might even find some way to make math a fun journey for both of us. One positive thing is that she’s warming up to me. She laughs (more-or-less) freely at my stories and peculiar nature instead of giggling into her hands. She doesn’t hold back as many questions, perhaps it helped that she discovered I have a brother about her age. She even listened to me sing “Hey There Delilah” without covering her ears. Such a kind soul.

I like teaching. I’ve been doing it at my public library with computers since last year. Now, to help Mom out a bit, I get to teach scholastic material. Slowly, but surely, I’m getting to the point of teaching college students creative writing.

That day won’t come fast enough. That day is an uncertainty. There are still days when I wonder if I’ll make it through a Bachelor’s Degree (not to mention an Associate’s). Yet, I won’t go down without a fight. Dr. Rojas sounds too cool of a name to give in.

Not all good things in life are planned. My stumbles are never planned, but they are part of that one day.

Earlier this week, the bus I was riding got overcrowded, so I got off two stops early. This was my reward.
Earlier this week, the bus I was riding got overcrowded, so I got off two stops early. This was my reward waiting on the side of a street.

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