1,000 miles: step 34

Dear reader,

Happy Mother’s Day to you! My mommy celebrated this day Friday, but I, educated in American ways, extend the day till today. Because I’m also done with the spring semester (though two of my grades aren’t in), I have some time on my hands. And when my hands have time, they are busy on the right things.

Like restoring charcoal drawings from 2010 (my sophomore year of high school)…

Like restoring charcoal drawings from sophomore year of high school  2013-05-12 15.12.20

so that they can turn into a wondrous sight for Mommy, and a future house-warming gift.

Mommy and I aren’t moving far this time. Yet, we are finally moving into our own little home (soon enough!).

Some day, I will be able to say we’re moving into a small house, bringing along an adorable dog, and growing a real garden…. but for now, a small apartment to call ours is all I want.

One step at a time. One dream at a time.:)

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