1,000 miles: step 28

My milestone says 4 days to go until the April 10th national immigration reform marches. Today I visited CARECEN in Washington, DC and helped with further mobilization efforts. Up until today my efforts have been making phone calls to immigrants in the DC community and sharing the march flyer with my local community. This famous flyer:


Today I was part of small poster-making group. We only got around to… one poster. And why so? It was pretty huge.  It was a flag with a message. (Maybe over 3/4 of my five feet one inch height.) As you can’t tell an artist to “draw anything, however” my group had to follow a series of Claudia-directions that in the end created a spectacular though painstakingly-made poster. Oddly enough, in the middle of it all, interviews for Heute from Germany.

The camera crew from Heute followed us into canvassing and it was crazy for all parties involved. DC streets are populated by the masses, and canvassing is no easy work. I learned so today. Some people don’t have time for you. Some people won’t make time for you, and they won’t disguise their contempt.

When I shared this experience with my mum, she told me not to worry about those people. Change is going to happen without them. I sure hope so. In the meantime, I share with you my journey, dearest-reader.

I share bits of my being, bits of my history because that’s how I best communicate. And a little bit of poetry heals the soul.

2013-04-06 15.26.01
Hanging on the walls of the National Portrait Gallery in the exhibit “Poetic Likeness”
This is was the Claudia face worn today (one that resembles my mother when she was my age).
This is was the Claudia face worn today (one that resembles my mother when she was my age).

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