1,000 miles: step 24

2013-03-21 17.46.43

One of the greatest pleasures of living is the opportunity to witness beauty. If  the above glowing sun earlier this week wasn’t pointed out to me, I may have missed it. Or perhaps not. Sometimes, the sun is vain.

When I think of the incredible radiance in this sky, I forget how cold it’s been lately. I also remembered a sky from many months ago.


It had been another gray Great Barrington day when casually, the sky turned blue and lit the treetops a fiery orange. It lasted for about 10 seconds, or as long as it took for me to find a camera.

My roommate was definitely studying and nearly missed the glorious sight. But my child shrieks didn’t let that happen. I saved the moment, and my dear-Mayu saw the equivalent of a unicorn. I am that good.

I love that the sky is able to distract me so. It makes seeing a worthy and useful sense. My first days of driving lessons with Mum, the best reward was looking at sunsets through the side and rear-view windows. There were such gorgeous pinks and oranges that 2012 summer.

I’m sure, I would wear a rainbow if I managed to sew its ends into a flowing dress.

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