The following are important dates for immigration reform:

March 9, 2013

  • Mobilization effort at All Souls Church in Washington, DC
  • Community input and organization for march in April
  • (ego alert:) Claudia’s Spanish tongue is a traitor but still lovely 🙂

March 16-17

  • Conference in California with local TPS community and national activists
  • I will be there in spirit

Wednesday, April 10 @3 pm

  • Immigration reform rally-on the verge of march- for immigration reform near US capitol
  • Milestone says a month left and counting

For more information about the TPS effort visit Residency Now. Sign the petition; let your senator know you’re on board. Read about The Campaign, find success and struggle stories, and find me among others here. Read through a list of press coverages here.

For more information about the overall immigration effort visit Citizenship Now. Send in your pictures, spread the word, and tell the world you’re marching for change. Hashtag #TimeIsNow #A10

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