1,000 miles: step 18

One of the biggest changes from traditional college to community college has been housing and commuting.

I spent Wednesday and Thursday running on 5 hours of sleep.

When I was at Simon’s Rock, if I ever needed to stay up all night doing schoolwork, I resorted to the endless suggestions my roommate had for keeping my eyelids open. Once the work was out of the way, and I had exhausted myself, the next problem was waking up on time.

But at least the classrooms weren’t over an hour away.

Wednesday I woke up 30 minutes before my morning class. My commute is at least an hour. I walked out anyway, hoping to hear some part of the lecture. By the second (and last) bus wait, I figured it was best to return home. And so I did… only to walk out 30 minutes later. Wednesdays this semester, I’m not home until past 7:30.

Wednesday’s sleep managed to throw off my Thursday. Good thing I’m taking a history course in the afternoon. This means I don’t oversleep for class. This also means I know or appreciate the information being thrown at me.

I can’t get enough of history, and yet… I spent majority of class blinking and squinting, and missing the days of returning home–my dorm room–within 5 minutes. After class, I found the library and took a nap.

It was then I couldn’t help but wish I was a lot more fluffy.

Nevertheless, a nap is a nap. Though I didn’t wake to a bunk bed in a small liberal arts school, in the middle of Berkshire woods, I woke up to a college. And for now, that’s enough.

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