1,000 miles: step 3

Wednesday kicks off Thanksgiving break, which lasts until Monday this year for me. It was a week long when I was at Simon’s Rock, a little liberals arts college in Massachusetts.

And I know exactly how to make use of this little vacation, which includes Saturday and Sunday. Why wouldn’t it, you ask? Because I’m taking an 8 week course on Saturdays and there’s my biology class on Sundays. Oh, yes, Claudia planned out her schedule feeling like Superwoman. Community colleges are Superwoman-friendly.

But I make do with what have, and lots of determination is on that list. I am surviving with my sanity and those grades are looking appealing. And maybe, just maybe, I’ll survive with good hair days.

Check this out,

I felt the need to doll myself up for a friend’s wedding yesterday. Her name is Keila. I met her 4 years ago when her family took me and my mother into their home in Maryland, and then encouraged us to tag along when they moved back to their home in Washington, DC.

I wasn’t able to talk a great deal with her yesterday: everyone hogs the bride, and the residue of a cold I caught last week made me bow to silence.

When I think about it, I actually have so much to tell her. Like, why must you pack your things and move all the way to Texas? I’ve seen less of her now that I’ve moved back to my home-state, Virginia, but the thought of someone nearer than farther is comforting. Now she’ll be states away, and as long as she’s finds happiness like no other, let things be, no?

And maybe it’s not the fact that she’s moving across states that’s bugging me.

So what exactly forms a lump in my throat? Perhaps her younger brother has answered this for me; I too, am selfish. That groom really is taking a treasure, and the older sister I never had. I suppose, we all cling on to memories and unknowingly claim people as ours because of those memories. I let go of memories because putting up a fight is not the way I was designed.

Yet… my selective memory is not enough to dissolve sisterly friendship.

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