Introduction to Claudia documented

Welcome to Claudia documented. Claudia documents at She is also a documented immigrant–  legally in the United States, but definitely far from enjoying the benefits of residency or citizenship. She is a magnet for “you-can’ts.”

You can’t vote in state elections.

You can’t apply to this health coverage program.

You can’t apply for in-state tuition with us.

You can’t apply to this scholarship.

You can’t apply as a Transfer: go International.

You can’t use the FAFSA, hun.

You can’t expect to travel abroad.

You can’t… give in, Claudia.

And so, this is a place to pin down my dreams. Pin them down so they never escape me. In the pages of this blog you will come across my journey as a student, a blossoming poet, and an unbreakable spirit. I will document long-term goals, polished poetry, and the milestones of life.

At this moment, take a note of the left sidebar, a means to navigate this site. Now take a look at the top bar, there you will find short informative pages about me. All writing will be found at this home page. I welcome your feedback and commentary at all times. Your very stumble upon this blog is appreciated– and I thank you by telling you:

Yes, you can.

3 thoughts on “Introduction to Claudia documented

  1. Laurel says:

    Claudia, This is moving and well-written. Your poetry is a sign of your hard work and perseverance; truly a pleasure to read! -Laurel

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