1,000 miles: step 15

A few weeks ago, right when I was determined to keep you alive, dear blog, Mum got news.

The bad kind, and it’s taken some time for things to settle and for me to be at ease. What goes on in the offices of managers with big American companies is a well-kept secret. Mum has been holding her breath outside their doors. Waiting for that moment, in which the unskilled laborer  hears what s/he never wants to hear: unemployment. 3 weeks notice.

The 3 weeks ended early, but they also brought better news. In a turn of events, mum was asked if she would relocate (again)  and keep her job. And sure enough, she will. Even better, she took up the opportunity to sign up for English classes.

She started her first Saturday schooling today. She came home glowing–happy to have had “survived.”

a little sunshine from last year's heat because snow isn't as appealing in the dark
a little sunshine from last year’s heat because snow isn’t as appealing on a dark night

And I suppose, sometimes all you can do is hang on.

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