1,000 miles: step 9

Reflecting on the fact that today didn’t end snow, there are a number of things I am grateful for this year.

This year I became a grown-up… legally. That’s right, big old one decade and eighteen years of age, but saying that Claudia’s a real grown up is stand up comedy material. I have a heart of ice cream and rainbows.

Can you say crazy panda fanatic?

With my 5 year old hat off, thinking hat time next.

Here are just a few things on my mind for today, which I have learned to appreciate greatly this year.

My endless, endless imagination

“My ancestors are plants, don’t you see it?” to

My ancestors are fish?! [Ooh, maybe there’s a mermaid in me.]

Let it snow-attitude

“Oh. It’s snowing again.” to

Dear Santa, please make it snow. I want to build a snow castle. As an incentive, I’ll leave cookies and a glass of milk, too. Love, Claudia.

My growing patience

“Ok, I have to redo this.” to

Wooh! I get to redo this!

Attitude towards tests

“Tests don’t measure my intelligence.” to

Tests don’t measure my intelligence, but they do reflect my mother’s income. And I’ll make every dollar count.

Ability to adapt to change

“Let things be.” to

I can’t change what is, so I’ll change what can be.

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