1,000 miles: step 1

While I would be a fool to put mileage on living, I must start somewhere. From here on, you are tagging along on my walkabout life. What I am calling the first step is the initiation of this blog.

What’s to come and what’s of this moment?

November is around the corner and there’s a week long holiday that must be taken advantage of. I will not lie, I’m pretty much like most college students: I love my sleep. And yet, there are college transfer applications waiting for me. I must add, applications that have not been started for the matter– and yes, faint along with me.

To keep myself sane, I like to write, poetry in particularly. I don’t write as frequently as I did before college; the college student has a sense of “restricted time.” These past weeks, I’ve been looking for a writing group on campus to help me make time for writing. Sadly, such a group does not exist, until now that is.

That’s right, Claudia is taking charge: NOVA, you shall see a writing group soon enough. I’m calling the group The Artistic Word. The first member was…. me, of course. Fear not, the number is slowly, very painfully for me, rising.

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